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Across England, disadvantaged children start school 5 months behind their peers. By the end of secondary school, this gap widens to 18 months.

In Devon and Cornwall, the gap is wider at all stages.

That means our region’s most vulnerable people are finishing secondary school almost 2 years behind their peers.

Across England, schools and trusts are systematically eliminating this inequality.

We're demanding the same for the southwest.

We're on a mission to ensure every child in the southwest can access a great school and enjoy a life of choice and opportunity.

What’s unique about the SW100 programme?

It's internationally-informed

The SW100 builds on the evidence, approaches and practices underpinning the highest-performing schools in the UK, the US and beyond.

It's regionally-led

The SW100 has been developed in partnership with the southwest’s leading schools and trusts.

It's community-focused

The SW100 is rooted in local pride and a deep understanding of the specific needs and opportunities within our local communities.

SW100 partners

I love the unapologetic rigour and urgency. I realised I can have that rigour, that drive, that urgency and give it to our kids in the south-west

It's intentional

The SW100 is purposeful. This is not a generic school leadership programme. We’re bringing people together to address endemic educational inequality - a specific, shared and complex challenge impervious to lone interventions.

It's relational

The SW100 is a collective. This programme is not about tips, tricks and toolkits. It’s about embedding strong, trusting, child-centered relationships within our communities and between our schools

It's transformational

The SW100 will push you to reflect critically about your practice. It’s not for everyone. It’s for committed school leaders with the humility to listen, learn and adapt as they lead.

I love the unapologetic rigour and urgency. I realised I can have that rigour, that drive, that urgency and give it to our kids in the south-west

We’re looking for 20 school leaders to join the next SW100 cohort*

We're looking for:

  • Primary and secondary school leaders
  • Who share our belief that it is possible to eradicate educational inequality in our communities
  • With the determination and humility to lead this urgent and challenging work
  • With ambitions to lead their own schools in the next 5 years
* Launching in September 2022
The relationships are key. It lowers the barrier to stepping forward. If I took a headship, I would be less alone than if I had not done the course

Does that sound like you?

If so, you should apply now.

If you're on the fence and want to explore the programme in more detail - let's talk!

Or, perhaps this isn't quite right for you but it would be perfect for someone you know - within your school, trust or beyond. Share this with them and put us in touch (via

When you're ready, the application process has three steps:

  • NOW: Online application form (deadline: Monday 18th April, 5pm)
  • NEXT: 30-minute online interview (held between 2nd-27th May)
  • LATER: In-person selection day (held in the south-west on Friday 10th June

How much does it cost?

  • £3,500 per secondary school leader
  • £1,500 per primary school leader

We are committed to ensuring great people can participate. If funding is currently a challenge for your school, please get in touch at