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In Devon and Cornwall, the 'disadvantage gap' is worse than the national average at all stages. In both counties, on average, disadvantaged children start primary school more than 5 months behind their peers and end secondary nearly 21 months behind. In Plymouth, the gap is more than 24 months by the end of secondary.

It does not have to be this way. There are schools and counties in the country where the disadvantage gap has been eliminated. We want to achieve the same in the South West. Do you?

Developed by Education South West, Ted Wragg Trust, West Country Schools Trust, Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust and the Reach Foundation, SW100 is a new school leadership programme for Devon and Cornwall. Over the next five years, we will train and nurture 100 of the region's next Head Teachers.

SW100 is:

  • Based on the conviction that closing the disadvantage gap in our region is possible.
  • Rooted in pride in the South West and a deep understanding of the needs and opportunities that exist in our local communities.
  • Focused on strong relationships and a lasting, purpose driven network of Devon and Cornwall school leaders.
  • Designed to build the knowledge needed to lead great schools and to enable learning from highly effective schools in our region, nationally and internationally.