It seems like everyone is talking about Instructional Coaching. But what is it, what does it feel like to coach and be coached and how do you implement it well across a department or school?

This Reach short course is designed to answer these questions. It will be right for you if you wish to:

  • Build your knowledge about instructional coaching and how to do it
  • Get started and experience instructional coaching – both as a coach and a coachee
  • Reflect with colleagues about the benefits and challenges of instructional coaching
  • Consider what it would take to introduce instructional coaching effectively in your school

‘Getting started with instructional coaching’ is designed for pairs of teachers from the same school. It is suitable for both primary and secondary teachers and school leaders.

Over the course of a term you will build your knowledge, make a plan, give instructional coaching a try in your school and reflect with colleagues. This process will be supported by:

  • Ten one hour pre-recorded sessions to build knowledge about instructional coaching, including video examples of high quality coaching. 
  • Four 90 minute live webinars to practice identifying action steps, practice and receive feedback on coaching and reflect on experience of coaching (supported by experts in instructional coaching)

The course is designed to enable you to start coaching quickly and build your proficiency throughout the term as your knowledge, understanding grows. By the end of the course, you will be well set-up to decide your next steps on instructional coaching, whether that is introducing it across your school; accessing further training; or (we hope not!) deciding it is not quite right for your school.

Places available:

We limit the number of places on our short courses to 32 people (16 pairs of teachers). This is to enable high levels of engagement during the live webinars, which are largely conducted in ‘break out’ groups of 8. All break out groups are facilitated by expert coaches.

Cost: £400 for two people from the same school. This is a discount rate as this is the first time we are running this programme.

Structure and Course Dates:


Taught sessions (pre-recorded)

Live webinars

Wed 28th April, 4 - 5.30pm: Launch webinar



Pre-recorded sessions 1 - 4 released on 26 April

What is instructional coaching?


Wed 26th May,, 4 - 5.30pm


‘Contracting’ and action step practice

What to look for in a ‘drop-in’

How to choose an action step

How to structure a coaching conversation



Pre-recorded sessions 5 - 8 released on 7th June 

How to prepare for a coaching conversation


Wed 9th June, 4 - 5.30pm


Practice and reflect 

How to sequence action steps over time

How to practice

How to live coach


Pre-recorded sessions 9 - 10 released on 5th July

The value of a shared view of classroom excellence

Wed 7th July, 4 - 5.30pm


Scaling impact

Scaling coaching

Course leads:

Jon Hutchinson

Jon is Director, Learning and Training at the Reach Foundation. Prior to this he was Assistant Headteacher at Reach Academy Feltham. He is a Visiting Fellow at Ambition Institute where he works as a tutor on the Masters in Expert Teaching programme, and Course Director of the Early Years Foundation Degree at the Reach Foundation. Jon has acted as an independent advisor to the DfE, and is a member of the Ofsted's English advisory group. He recently contributed a chapter on Instructional Coaching in the ‘researchEd Guide to Leadership’.


Ed Vainker

Ed Vainker is the CEO of the Reach Foundation. He was the co-founder and Principal of Reach Academy Feltham, an all-through Free School that opened in 2012. It was judged outstanding in 2014 and has quickly built a strong reputation in the sector. Ed oversees the Foundation's cradle to career model, including the Reach Children's Hub and Convening Model. He has overseen Reach's work around curriculum and teacher development and for the last three years has provided school improvement support and coaching to school leaders beyond Reach.

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