Our experience at Reach Academy Feltham is that being an ‘all-through’ school has huge benefits. 

All-through schools provide the opportunity to: build trusting relationships that sustain throughout a child’s education; identify at the earliest stage when a child may need additional support; develop a 'backwards planned' curriculum; create shared accountability for children's achievements by 18; and become an institution that is central in the community and life of children from 0 - 18. 

Despite these benefits, we have also found running an all-through school challenging at times and have not found much in the way of all-through specific support.

To start to rectify this, we are developing, with the Confederation of School Trusts, a network of all-through schools to provide mutual support and challenge as we seek to maximise the potential of all-through schools. 

If you lead an all-through school and are interested in joining this network, please email james.townsend@reachfoundation.org.uk